Aikaterini Antonakopoulou was born and lives in Patras.
She considers painting to be the “love of her life,” but family obligations prevented her from pursuing a more extensive artistic career.
She is self-taught and possesses a strong passion for expressing herself through painting.
She has participated in various exhibitions with the Physiolatric Association, as well as events organised by OTE.
Additionally, she has collaborated with other artists and achieved great success in cultural events in the Kalavryta villages.
She is also involved in amateur theatre and performs wherever she is requested.
Her painting is characterised by a thematic emphasis on nature and the environment in which we live. She creates a romantic palette of colors inspired by the beauty of flowers, mountains, and fields.
She is an active member of the Administrative Council and actively contributes to the organisation of events for the “Kostis Palamas” Association of Fine Arts in Patras.