He was born in 1968 in Patras, where he still lives today with his wife and their two children, Haris and Elpida.
From a young age, he attended painting and mosaic lessons in the workshop of his uncle Grigoris Papatheodorou, a famous painter and iconographer.
He has completed his studies in art conservation.
For several years, he has been involved in the construction of mosaics, using gypsum tesserae of his own technique and design to make the artworks lighter and more user-friendly, whether they are wall frescoes or paintings.
Along with his cousin Haris Papatheodorou, a painter and sculptor, he has been involved in theatre set construction, interior space design, and iconography.
He teaches art to children and adults and is an active member of the Patras Fine Arts Association “Kostis Palamas.”
He is also the president of the “Patraikos” Chess Club.