Born in Patras in 1992.
She graduated in 2018 from the School of Fine Arts, Department of Visual and Applied Arts at the Aristotle University and has been living in Thessaloniki since then. In her work, using oil on canvas as her primary material, she portrays moments from other worlds and dimensions.
She unlocks the mysteries of nature through observation and presents the natural kingdoms, expressing the perfect intelligence within them. Through art, her goal is “to remember, to become, to be.”
Her artistic work is a co-derivative to another art form, the Art of Life.
The images on the canvas emerge from the need to record images from elsewhere, a bit of the radiance of other worlds.
In the two-dimensional image of the canvas and in the range of skills and materials, an impression is stored that the visitor wants to take a bit of sand or a stone to remember the places they have been.
For this reason, the artist herself sees the works as contemplative objects.