Art Workshop for Children


At the Olympism Culture Centre, there is an Art Workshop open for the expression and imagination of our young friends. Within the framework of artistic engagement and creation, painting programs and other artistic activities have been developed for elementary and middle school children.

Specifically, the painting program includes the creation and expression of students through various materials (watercolours, markers, oil pastels, tempera), while through various Art Activities (art games, group collages, small crafts, video presentations),
artistic creation and perception are cultivated through teamwork and solidarity.

The classes are small in numbers (4-5 individuals) and are organised based on age, so that interaction and cooperation among students are smooth and enjoyable. All lessons take place in a designated space where materials are provided for children’s creations, and each lesson lasts for one and a half hours (90 minutes). The weekly schedule is determined by agreement and can range from once to twice a week.

PROGRAM 2023/24