The Gallery is a welcoming art gallery in the heart of Old Patras in the most contemporary cultural space in the Roman Odeon.

It is a 100 sq.m. fully equipped, functional and accessible exhibition space with all the necessary lighting, technical and acoustic infrastructure to meet and support technically and organizationally every exhibition activity and event.

The Gallery will operate on a daily basis, will host and will be available for artistic exhibitions and promotion of the works of Greek and foreign artists.

In the summer months, due to the large number of visitors to attend the important cultural and artistic performances of the Roman Conservatory, it will operate until late at night, where the works of artists will be exhibited, it will inform and promote its cultural and artistic work and the Cultural and Artistic actions and events both of our City and of the wider region.

  • Layout of exhibition space
  • Book presentations
  • Conducting seminars, poetry workshops and literary works

  • Audio-visual lectures
  • Presentations of sports records and cultural associations
  • Honorary presentations of individuals



Services that the Gallery will offer to fulfill the Artistic purposes of the “Kostis Palamas” Culture-Olympics Center:

  • Presentation and promotion of the artistic creations of the members of the Association as well as every artist of the Greek and International art scene who chooses to collaborate and display his artistic work.
  • Provision for the hosting or rental of the Group or Individual presentation of the artists’ works at a Panhellenic and International level.
  • Groups of Artists with different Artistic tendencies will be able to present their artistic work and explain with lectures the particularities of their technique.
  • The exhibition space will be able to be configured so that alongside the visitors of art lovers, targeted presentations with speeches and lectures on the Arts and Techniques and their educational contribution to Culture and Society can be shown.
  • During periods of special events and in cooperation with relevant bodies, the Gallery can exhibit various symbolic exhibits of Culture and Arts for the information and training of friends and co-organizers.
  • Advertising of the displayed exhibition in electronic and printed form, by the Mass Media, Televisions and Radio stations.
  • Provision of invitations and informative programs to art lovers and friends.
  • Presentation of the exhibition and the artistic creations of the artists by well-known art critics.
  • Viewing of exhibition openings and offering cocktails to art lovers.


Permanent Collection

Visiting Hours

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00
Saturday 09:00 – 15:00

For more information
Phone Number: 261 032 1653, 6976632724, 6974492892


The Gallery will be able to have works of Art for sale

as well as various exhibits, paintings-Agiographies-Sculptures-Mosaics-Woodcarvings-Copy-Photographs and all kinds of Artistic constructions.

The Gallery will be able to, in a specially designed space,

as a permanent exhibition for the sale of tourist objects and special books that are directly related to the form and purpose of the Culture-Olympics Center “Kosti Palamas”.

The Gallery will have a recreation area with the sale of refreshments

For the promotion – advertising and distribution of the artworks we operate a reliable e-shop

The art lovers have the opportunity to know through an online process the art presentations of the gallery and the facility to purchase artworks in the safest and easiest way.