Consisting of 400 pages in five sections, as many as the Olympic rings, and includes:

Detailed reference to the timeless and Global Symbols of Achaean Land

and by extension of Greece.

It records the appearance of Sports from ancient times

as well as the history and evolution of the Olympic Games to the present day.

A scientific approach is made to the ideological and realistic dimension of Olympic Victory.

It emphasises the moral value of participation in the Olympic Games

and highlights the Olympians who made history and became exemplary, especially for their Olympic Ethos.

Carefully mentions the life and work of the National poet Kostis Palamas

and his poetry is rendered into Artistic Creations by important painters.

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It is enriched with the most beautiful statues and vessels from the greatest Museums of the World and are exhibited in the Louvre Museum.

The book-album, because of its cultural and educational content, honours us to be under the auspices of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), to which 181 member states belong, 5 Continental University Federations and all the Universities of the World.

It is greeted by the Presidents of the World and European University Sports Federations, as well as Personalities from the Greek and International scene.

It is considered to be a key criterion for UNESCO’s support in the goal of promoting the Olympic Hymn, with the aim to be established as a World Cultural heritage.

It has been characterised by the experts of the Association of Olympians of the Olympic Committee, as an important heirloom of the World Olympic bibliography.


Sample of the book in pdf format at the link below