Linear and Freehand Drawing


At the Olympism- Culture Centre “Kostis Palamas”, departments are being created for the complete preparation of candidates for their final, Panhellenic, exams and high school students in linear and freehand drawing for the following schools: Architecture, Interior Architecture, Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art, and Graphic Design.

Specifically, the principles of freehand and linear drawing are taught by instructors who are graduates of Fine Arts and Architecture schools, through exercises and topics based on the material covered in the national exams with the aim of fully preparing the candidates and ensuring their success. Classes are held in a well-equipped art studio, and the weekly schedule is as follows:

  • Minimum of 3 hours of freehand drawing
  • Minimum of 3 hours of linear drawing

Depending on the progress of the students, additional hours may be added to further assist in their development.

PROGRAM 2023/24


Candidates practice depicting compositions of objects with pencils on 50×70 cm paper. To pass successfully, they are taught:

  • The harmonious placement of the subject and its composition on the design surface
  • The precise proportions and angles of the subject
  • The tonal gradations of the subject
  • The overall presentation and refinement of the subject


Candidates practice designing elevations, perspectives, sections, geometric shapes, and objects using the prescribed drawing tools on 50×70 cm paper. To pass successfully, they are taught:

  • Freehand sketching and the harmonious-functional placement of the drawings on the design surface
  • Correct calculation and scaling of dimensions
  • The entire design process for the subject (placement, sketching with pencils, inking)
  • All the individual elements required to complete the design of the subject (careful reading of the requirements, line thickness, letter and symbol sizes, etc.)