One of the main goals of the establishment of the Culture-Olympism Center “Kostis Palamas” is the preserve, promotion and highlighting of cultural heritage and revival of the Olympic ideals of Olympism, for Peace, Democracy, Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood among the peoples of the Earth, and cultivate “Excellence” in the context of “fair play” and “Noble Competiveness” for the creation of the integrated citizen.

In order to realize these goals, in collaboration with the Fine Arts Association of Patras “Kostis Palamas”, we created an Olympic Movement that plans, organizes targeted events throughout Greece and Internationally with the sole aim of raising awareness among citizens everywhere, lovers of Olympism and especially in diaspora Hellenism in order to understand and implement the recognition and promotion of the values ​​of the Timeless and Global Symbols of Olympism for the benefit of the Youth of the whole world.


The events and actions of the Center of Culture and Olympism are aimed at the promotion and recognize by UNESCO, of the timeless and World Symbol of Olympism, the Olympic Hymn of Kostis Palamas, as a World Cultural Heritage. because the World Culture owes it to humanity due to the fact that through the lyrics of the Olympic Hymn , which clash every two years at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, praise and revive Olympic ideals and values ​​that shape Plato’s ideal citizen with a “Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body”. An Hymn, a strong shield of moral resistance against the commercialization of the modern Olympic Games.


Events that are organized at the Panhellenic and International level, mainly in the Hellenic diaspora for the awareness of the citizens, for the preservation-highlight and promotion of the Ancient Greek Olympic ideal.

And this is achieved by the co-organization of special events and letters of support, with Associations – Agencies – Organizations – University Institutions – Centers of Greek Studies in America – Europe in Panhellenic but mainly in World Hellenism in order to support the International Olympic Movement of the Association of Fine Arts and of the Culture-Olympics Center “Kosti Palamas” for establshing by UNESCO of the Olympic Hymn of the lyricist Kosti Palamas, as a World Cultural Heritage.

Events include:

  • Audiovisual speeches with the main theme: “Why should World Culture highlight the Timeless Symbol of Olympism, the Olympic Hym as World Cultural Heritage?”
  • Poems set to music by Kostis Palamas.
  • The recoil of the Olympic Hymn.
  • Video-presentations on Olympism and its ideological and moral values.
  • Painting exhibitions where the life and poetic work of Palamas are presented in visual creations, so that the viewer becomes at the same time a reader of his poetic work.


The presentation and promotion of the main support criterion for UNESCO for the realization of the goal of promotion and establishing of the Olympic Hymn as a World Cultural Heritage, the bilingual book-album entitled: “OLYPISM-OLYMPIC HYMN-KOSTIS PALAMAS”.

An important Cultural and Educational tool that contributes to the awareness of Greeks everywhere and lovers of Olympism for the revival of the Olympic ideals and the promotion of the Olympic Hymn as World Cultural Heritage as well as the promotion of Patras as the International City of the Olympic Hymn. In the bilingual book-album and the corresponding video-documentary, a journey is made in the revival and promotion of the Ancient Greek Olympic Spirit from ancient times until today and the Ancient Greek Olympic ideals are highlighted.


Collection of signatures of the declaration and letters of support from international bodies, organizations and personalities of letters, arts and sports as well as from major International organizations (Olympic Committees-Academy of Athens-Synod of Chancellors of Greece-KEDE-World Federations-etc.) for the establishing by UNESCO of the Olympic Hymn, as World Cultural Heritage.


Participation of the Association of Fine Arts and the Culture-Olympics Center “Kosti Palamas” in International teleconferences and Forum of organizations as well as Hellenism associations in which we present our goals and actions and seek their support.


Patra, is the hometown of the lyricist of the Timeless and World Symbol of Olympism, the Olympic hymn of the great Spiritual man and our National poet, Kostis Palamas, with Timeless and International Olympic Symbols and a great Cultural Heritage that the World Culture owes to emerge Patra an International City of the Olympic Anthem.

To achieve this goal, we organize and implement events that include:


Audio-visual lectures and presentations highlighting Patras cultural heritage.

  • Video-projection of the timeless and global symbols of Olympism that took place in Patras and the wider area. This will contribute to the prominence of the Olympic Hymn and promote Patras as an international city of the Olympic Hymn.
  • Presentation of a special video highlighting the Global and Timeless Symbols of the Achaean Land that make Patras historically and universally the International City of the Olympic Hymn. The video presents, with a virtual and vocal narration, the important contribution of Patras in the symbolic first performance of the institution of the torch relay during the Olympic Games, Munich 1936, where the first frontwoman of the institution who lit the flame was the choreographer Kula Bratsika from Patras, the first torchbearer was Kostas Kondylis and the first team of torchbearers to carry the sacred flame, were athletes from Patra.. Also, the honorary badge that accompanied the funeral procession with the heart of Baron Pierre de Coubertin at the altar of the holy Altis when the Scouts Department of Patras.


Painting exhibitions of important painters who highlighting the life and poetic work of Kostis Palamas, the lyricist of the Olympic hymn, the main exponent of the uninterrupted testimony of the continuity of the Greek Nation, who was born in Patras and loved more than any other poet the home where he was born. Today we feel honored that the house functions as the Kostis Palamas House of Letters


We also seek, in collaboration with Cultural-Artistic Associations and other bodies and organizations, the establishment of a ten-day International Festival of Culture-Arts-Olympism-Tourism every two years, during the ceremony of the Olympic flame at Palamas’ house. in an anniversary-symbolic ceremony the Timeless and Global Symbols of Olympism, the Olympic Hymn and the Torch Relay. Τhere will be the timeless and global symbols of Olympism, the singing of the Olympic anthem and the Torch Relay with the arrival of the torch bearer and the dedication of the book-album to the organizing committee of the Olympic Games

The International Festival will include an International Poetry Competition, Tourist Exhibits, Achaean Products, Painting Exhibitions, Music, Dance and Sports Events culminating in the International Marathon “OLYMPIC HYMN-KOSTI PALAMA” on the symbolic Patras-Mesolongi route through famous Bridge that connects and fraternizes peoples, just like the Olympic Hymn.


Organization of an anniversary ceremony with the dedication of the anniversary book-album to the ambassadors of the host countries of the Olympic Games at the Palamas house. This ceremony and award to the ambassadors of the host country aims to recognize Patras as the International City of the Olympic Hymn as well as to support the establishment of an Olympic pavilion in the country where the Olympic Games will be held. An event that will highlight Western Greece as the Land of Olympia and increase traffic and Tourism.

The Olympic pavilion will highlight the visionaries and revivalists of the Ancient Greek Olympic ideals, Coubertin and Palamas and will display the birthplace of the Olympic ideals, the Land of Olympia, as well as the timeless and World Symbols of Olympism, the Torch Relay and the Olympic Hymn.

In the Olympic Pavilion of Western Greece, we will display printed and electronic material with video-presentations and special exhibits that will highlight the Olympic Culture and the timeless and Global values ​​that derive from it.