Sports Selection Test


Theodoros Mallias
Theodoros MalliasDr. of Psychology and Physical Education
Consultant – Administrator
Sofia Mallia
Sofia MalliaProfessor of Physical Education
Director of Programs
of Culture – Olympism


The world-famous TEST of Sports Psychology, by Ph.D. in Psychology and Physical Education Mallias Theodore, concerns a specially designed visual form of Olympic Sports, which has been scientifically documented through his thesis, for the correct choice of sport for children over the age of 6.

Through scientific investigations, it has been proven that the child’s personal choice of which sport he likes the most, and not the coercive urging of him by external factors, is the right decision to choose a sport both for his physical health and well-being, as well as for the his mental, emotional and social integration and harmony.

The fact that the child chooses the sport becomes particularly important because it provides the child and the parents with the opportunity to:

  • to avoid wasting money for a long time by paying for his participation in a sport which they do not prefer and with unknown future results.
  • • To prevent the child from experiencing the feeling of failure training in a sport in which he may look forward to future athletic development, which requires hard and demanding training for the success of which the participation of the motivation of love for the sport is a basic condition otherwise he will fail unable to withstand the stressful training loads that championships require.
  • To avoid unnecessarily wasting time for the child, engaging in a sport that is not of his choice, especially today when the time pressure of the child’s lessons makes time a precious commodity and most likely you will not provide him with happiness and joy he would desire.
  • • That the child should not be disappointed by engaging in a sport that he does not want and does not love, and worst of all, that he should not give up the lifelong sport and involvement in sports, which will probably lead him to unknown and many times undeniable actions and occupations and groups of undoubted results for the formation of his personality.

For all of the above, it is understood through many years of scientific, research and practical experience with Sports and the child, the undeniable necessity of the child’s participation in Sports, because we recognize the enormous benefits it provides to the child, both in his physical health and well-being but equally in his mental, emotional and social harmony and fulfillment.

On top of these benefits, a number of scientists analyze and document the enormous benefits provided by the child’s participation in sports, an activity that was not coincidentally prevalent from the Ancient Greek Civilization in the recognized Academies of Plato and Aristotle that emphasized and applied the Platonic quote “Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body” for the creation of the integrated citizen.

The choice of the sport is an important decision for the parent and the child and it should be based exclusively on his personal desire to choose the sport, which will provide him with the possibility of enjoyable activity and dynamic endurance. Thus, for which sport excites and loves the child the most comes to ensure the scientifically documented psychological test of sport selection where it is aimed at children over 6 years of age.

For the administration and conduct of the TEST, contact 2610-321653 daily 10:00-16:00 and 697 345 6400