Theodoros was born and raised in Patras, where he lives and works. He holds a doctorate in psychology, is a certified sports psychologist from the Society of Sport Psychology, a professor of sociology, and a professor of physical education with studies and postgraduate studies at Cleveland State University in the United States, as well as a scientific visitor at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He taught the above sciences at the Western Greece University of Applied Sciences and developed a significant cultural and artistic activity.

In the Fine Arts department at Cleveland University in the United States, he studied Fine Arts with an emphasis on Aesthetics, Color, Perspective Drawing, Art History, and passionately embraced the Arts, visual and poetic creation through which he expresses his restless spirit, drawing his themes from human existence and the irresistible boundless sea, enriching them with a unique sensibility and spirit.

He is a founding member and president of the Patras Fine Arts Association “Kostis Palamas,” which contributed to the preservation and promotion of the Palamas House as a Literary Shelter and implements Pan-Hellenic and International actions for the promotion of Palamas’ Olympic Hymn to World Cultural Heritage.
Theodoros, a lover of Art, Psychology, and Movement, studies Aesthetic Psychology with lectures in Greece and abroad on the:

  1. Psychological and philosophical dimension of avant-garde painting
  2. Spirit and Art
  3. Art and Psychoanalysis
  4. Sports as Art
  5. Audiovisual presentation on Kostis Palamas’ “Olympic Hymn – Olympism”

Mr. Mallias represented our country, the Ministry of Education, and the General Secretariat of Sports, at numerous International Forums and Conferences, was a founding and administrative member of the European Federation of University Sports, and an active member of Scientific and Cultural Associations.
For his scientific contribution and activity, he has been included in the International book of Sport Psychology WHO IS WHO.
A track and field champion and a member of the National Decathlon team, an active veteran athlete, he had the honor to participate in the Olympic torch relay in seven Olympic Games which adorn his collections.