Athanasios Kotsiris had a passion for painting from a young age. He began painting with colors and canvases at the age of 20, creating landscapes, paintings, Byzantine-style icons, and cityscapes.
He later changed his artistic approach after taking lessons from the architect-painter Nikolaos Karagiannis, a painter of high standards in national and international art.
His compositions now feature unified surfaces, dark tones, and strong shading.
His landscapes are expressed with an Expressionist technique, portraying scenes from nature in a mysterious manner.
He has held numerous solo and group exhibitions using oil as his medium.
Observing Athanasios’ works, one feels the power of light emerging through shadows, leaves, roofs, and alleys in a dreamy and fantastical way, which both moves and captivates the viewer, leading him to a magical and alien world. He is one of the founding members of the Association of Fine Arts Patras, actively participating in all of its events.
He also contributed with his artwork to the bilingual publication about the recognition of Kostis Palamas’ Olympic Hymn as World Cultural Heritage, titled “OLYMPISM-OLYMPIC HYMN-KOSTIS PALAMAS.”