Dimitris Vourtsis was born in Patras in 1947. He apprenticed alongside Grigoris Papatheodorou in iconography, painting, and carnival constructions, and later continued his professional career in these fields. He has designed and built eleven Carnival Kings and many other floats for the Patras Carnival. Moreover, he has iconographed numerous churches in the wider Achaea region and surrounding prefectures, while also being involved in the decoration of shops, entertainment centers, and private spaces. He has held solo exhibitions (1990: “Burning Carnival,” Patras, 2002: “Pyrogenic Drunkard,” Patras, 2006: “What Didn’t Burn…,” Patras, 2009: “All…Holy Pleasure,” Patras, 2023: “The Portraits of the Carnival King,” Patras) and participated in many group exhibitions. He has also been involved in stage set construction and other artistic constructions in the theatre (DI.PE.THE Patras) and in sports events (1991 Mediterranean Games in Athens). He is an active member of the “Kostis Palamas” Patras Fine Arts Association, participating in various activities and events. It is a great honor for the Association to have him serve as an honorary president with unlimited contributions and actions in the field of the arts, not only in the city but also at a national and international level.