The artist was born in Athens in 1967 with roots from Sela of the Municipality of Rio.
In her birthplace and residence, she completed her studies in economics in 1986.
At the same time, she worked in her father’s family business.
In 1997, she returned to her hometown, where she still lives.
From a young age, she loved painting and, at the age of 12, took lessons from renowned artists.
At the age of 4, she created her first canvas painting with oil paint.
In 2004, she began to work professionally in painting.
She participated in group exhibitions and organised her solo exhibition at the Palace of Speech and Art in 2006, an exhibition that received flattering reviews from critics and art enthusiasts.
Her subjects come from everyday life, people, forms, from the animal kingdom, and from the inexhaustible source of nature’s imagery.
From Georgia’s palette, a plethora of colors emerges of such variety and dimensions that often you feel transported by an inexplicable aesthetic magic.
She is an active member of the Board of Directors of the “Kostis Palamas” Patras Fine Arts Association, President of the Olympism Culture Center “Kostis Palamas,” a member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Cooperative Enterprises of Western Greece, and a member of the Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Patras.