Maria Kolokythas graduated in 2004 from the Athens School of Fine Arts with an excellent degree, under the guidance of renowned professors Mr. Mytaras and Mr. Z. Arvanitis.
From 2000 to 2004, she attended engraving courses with Mr. Milios and Mr . Kazakos.
In 2003-2004, she studied scenography with Mr. Ziaka.
About her artistic development:
In 1997-1998, she took classes in freehand drawing and color with Professor Mr. Tsigris.
In 1996-1997, she attended freehand drawing and color classes with Professor Mr. Themistocleous.
Member of the Association with whom she participated in a painting exhibition in the framework of the events of the Panhellenic University Festival organised by the University of Patras.
Maria presents a particularly unique expressionist style that takes the mind on a journey of inner exploration guided by the magic of colors.
Her works create a chromatic feast in space and time.