Vasilis Theanidis has origins from Smyrna and has been painting since the age of 6.
He simultaneously practices painting and sculpture.
After continuous studies in painting and sculpture, he developed his own personal style.
He settled on a form of art that combines both painting and sculpture.
He has held three solo exhibitions in Patras and Milan, as well as group exhibitions for sculptures in Nefeli.
He has also participated in many group exhibitions in Patras.
His themes are drawn from the sea, portraits, floral compositions, and Kazantzakis’ Odyssey.
He is a particularly unique presence in the art world with a deep knowledge of art in various applications.
His works are characterised by a spirituality and a manifestation of matter, where the effort for absolute balance and calmness in the constant effort to penetrate and express themselves on the canvas and in the form is evident.
His presence in the cultural events of the “Kostis Palamas” Association of Fine Arts Patras always brings a special artistic sense.
He is one of the founding members of the Association.