Artists Create Culture

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This specific book is a historical journey in four sections.
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This specific book is a historical journey in four sections:

  • From the first group exhibitions of the memorable artists of Patras and their contribution to the city’s artistic events and the Patras Carnival, to the establishment and reference to the prestigious Association of Fine Arts of Patras, “Kostis Palamas.”
  • The recorded long-standing and diverse cultural, artistic, and social events organised by the Association of Fine Arts of Patras, “Kostis Palamas,” with the aim of raising awareness among Greeks and Olympic enthusiasts worldwide about the historical preservation and promotion of the Palamas House as the Home of Kostis Palamas’ Literary Works, a dream that became a reality.
  • Detailed description of the creation of the Associations’ Olympic Movement for raising awareness among Greeks and Olympic enthusiasts, with the aim of the recognition by UNESCO Kostis Palamas’ Olympic Hymn as World Cultural Heritage. This would lead to the revival of the Olympic ideals for Peace, Freedom, Democracy, Equality, Brotherhood, and the cultivation of “Excellence” within the framework of “Noble Competition” and “Gentle Rivalry” to create a “good and virtuous citizen of Plato,” with “a healthy mind in a healthy body,” for the benefit of the youth worldwide. The establishment of Patras as the International City of the Olympic Hymn, the birthplace of its lyricist, a fact that will be internationally promoted through a commemorative International Festival during the passage of the Olympic Flame at the Palamas House, resulting in increased tourism and visibility.
  • The promotion, with biographies and paintings, of the Artists of Patras who presented an original and unique exhibition, incorporating Kostis Palamas’ poetry beneath each of their artistic works, creating an educational creation, as the art lover becomes both a viewer and a reader of Kostis Palamas’ poetry.

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