Joseph Demiris was born in Kamnia, Achaea, in 1945. Initially, he studied design, but his talent for painting, which had awakened at the age of 4, eventually led him to become a painter. He spent his childhood and adolescence by the sea, closely studying the details and various phases of the liquid element. He extensively studied the works of great painters such as:

  • Volanakis
  • Hatzis
  • Altampouras
  • Germenis

His works can be found in well-known public and private collections. Additionally, the Naval Museum of Greece holds two historical themes from his works. Demiris, through his seascapes, actively contributes to the world of art and is considered to be one of
the prominent Greek marine painters. The boundless liquid element, the sea, is depicted in his paintings with remarkable fidelity to its natural form. At times, he portrays naval battles, at other times, he captures the shattered masts of a ship in the wild fury of the sea within a pandemonium of storms and tempests. In other instances, he portrays the sea in its most serene form, with myriad dazzling reflections, offering viewers a sense of infinity and tranquility. Lyrical elements, rich color harmony, design movement, and plasticity of volumes are characteristic features that attest to the artist’s skill and sensitivity.