Konstantinos Artavanis has shown great artistic activity in all forms of art and is rightfully considered one of the versatile teachers with significant contributions to the “Kostis Palamas” Association of Fine Arts in Patras.
From a young age, he engaged in painting and drawing, and as he grew, his talent flourished with special knowledge in painting and iconography.
He attended classes with prominent painters and iconographers, and his creations exhibit a harmonious blend of both art forms.
Konstantinos’ artistic style is influenced by Neoclassical School with a strong expression of faces and icons that reflect the constant struggle for survival and the conquest of harmony and peace.
His themes, drawn from life and people, depict both the struggles of life and its dreamy tranquility.
He gives the same technical expression to the themes of nature, where in the seascapes he seems to be taken over by an inability to dynamically express its elements, from he raging sea to the idyllic sunsets.
Konstantinos, with great sensitivity and love, teaches and assists any artist who seeks his knowledge, continuously and indiscriminately.
His artistic work and his works are known nationally and internationally, adorning many private and public spaces.
He is a member of the Board of Directors of the “Kostis Palamas” Association of Fine Arts, actively contributing to the achievement of the cultural and social goals of the association.