Loukas Georgiou is a retired professor from the TEI of Patras, known for his significant educational activities and exemplary teaching behaviour towards his students.
He has had a passion for the arts from an early age and always awaited the time when he could prove to himself that he too could express his talent.
And it didn’t take long for the moment of retirement and the freedom of expression to come, something inevitable for all of us consumed by educational obligations.
Loukas, with tools for carving and shaping hard materials like stone, tiles, and marble, began to craft forms and shapes, placing with accuracy and harmony each colorful small piece, creating a particularly aesthetic mosaic.
Through the final ensemble of the mosaics, the artist’s representations and designs emerge, providing art enthusiasts with a unique aesthetic pleasure and a constant search for beauty.
Loukas is one of the most active members of the “Kostis Palamas” Association, actively contributing to the realisation of cultural and artistic events, serving as a member of the board of directors, and as the President of the regional community organisations of Western Greece.